The More I Learn..

I think the more I learn about life, society, people, the more cynical and depressed I am. The more I know what people are capable of, and that anyone can hurt you, the less people you trust. You realize you can't always rely on people. Everyone is only human. I understand this more and more, yet I'm not sure I want to. People make mistakes. But how can you ever really rely on anyone in that case. Or even yourself?
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Thats why I'm so shy. I hate to show my true feelings to anyone because I feel I will be rejected, ridiculed, and exploited. In truth, I have truly loved 2 people in my life. The first girl I ever loved died 2 days before my 16th birthday, and I didnt find out until 2 days after it happened. The second didnt reciprocate my feelings, went into the Navy and met her current boyfriend. And thats why I can't trust anybody, especially myself, because it never turns out well.

yeah. the harsh truth. sigh