Myths About Depression

Is it a myth or reality that intelligence is one of the many reasons that causes depression and isoloation?
Intelligence is real, deppresion is real and resorting to a life of isolation is no myth.
The reality between intelligence, depression and isolation, we live in isolation, and depression we have been labelled, that this is all in the mind by some.
We do have some degree of intelligence, we know each depression known to medical science
There is not an anti-depressant witch the side effects we are not educated on
The signs someone is either allready in depression, or heading that way we can make without a score card or base our facts on a medical study.
The need to educate ourselves on allspects of life which could be a contributor to our depression, has lead to us to study Sigmund Frued's ideologies on personalites
I have studied philosophy different philosophies, in search for answers
Being depressed has shown a very artistic way, my inellectual way of reasoning is not the same as others and my intelligence is inspired as a result of my ever need to seek wisdom
It is no myth that intelligence does contribute to our depression and isolation

Jay04Sch Jay04Sch
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I struggle with depression, and have as long as I can remember. I'd like to recommend a book called Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl. It has really helped me stay out of the depression trap and move on with my life.


Intelligence increased my focus on everything, thus de-broadening my public appeal to zilch. I offer more value on subjects during an information transfer but lose the feeling of inclusion and purpose from others, nor can I give that to them. Opposites attract is untrue, similars attract, but complements attract even more. Complements are similar, there's nothing opposite about it. The peanut butter and jelly analogy doesn't apply to humans without first having shared similarities to start with, and usually on a very ba<x>se/extreme level. We all talk the same, sound the same, watch the same tv shows, but sexy is knowing what gets your psychological rocks off and getting people to share the ride. For me, isolation is not a choice, but its here. Im looking for answers.

Sounds like you may have a depression issue. :-)

its not so much the myth surrounding the issue of me having an issue with depression as oppsose to the fact that I suffer from depression

Me too. :-)