I Lost People Because Of It

It was senior year i began to focus my life around science and mathematics. I began to thirst for knowledge about who we are and what our possibilities are in this universe. My ex girlfriend always repeated that i was too smart for her and deserved better. As a result of this constant thirst i lost her, and now i literally have no one. No friends, no social life, just me. It gets lonely not being able to talk to her, to share ideas, its what i loved the most is the way we talked. Her wit and humor was incredible, and i would go as far to say it was a turn on. She had the most incredible body with a mind to match in my opinion. What she hated was the way i made her think. I loved thinking about the future, all our knowledge and the knowledge to gain in the near and distant future, while she resented those thoughts, saying that it would be the death of her. Its ashame, its what separated us. Different dreams, different goals. The intelligence i've gained ( not to sound narcissistic) has brought me nothing but isolation. I feel lonely, i can't talk to anyone but my engineering team, and we cant even find the time to get together and talk about ideas, formulate theories, and innovate. Although i have much fun, going day to day without her is a constant chore, im sick of it. Someone needs to zap my brain, and soon.
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Some people just aren't wired to think like that...if you do the research, you'll see clearly that not everyone is as capable of what most of the younger above average or higher IQ folk would like to believe them to be capable of. I used to think that there was just some unspoken list of social rules that I didn't get the memo on when I was growing up, and I still have alot of social awkwardness to be honest. This is due entirely to inexperience. Folks like you and I, we spend alot of time in our heads; dreaming, thinking, and creating. It's hard to get over the fact that the world doesn't appreciate intellectuals, and those that do appreciate us are either intellectual peers or greedy master manipulators. not to sound like a nut job conspiracy theorist or anything, but it's easy to connect the dots and see what's going on in the world when you look outside yourself and your ideas, and it's pretty disgusting. but as you grow, you'll learn to deal with it in reasonable ways.

I actually met my wife here on EP :) she is just as intelligent as I am, but her focuses are in more concrete and ethereal solid sciences, as opposed to my love of celestial mechanics and theoretical physics.

Anyways, hope all is well with you sir, and if you ever need to talk about ideas, let me know, It's a pastime that I don't get enough of.