In That Case, Better Not Be Too Intelligent!.

allow me to talk this one out...bear with me, and hopefully i can improve it after the first draft.

ah, true intelligence? shouldn't lead to depression and isolation..makes me wonder what are we calling intelligence? there's something called emotional intelligence. I like that. seems to be most important..

I guess it could be said that:
-overthinking things leads to depression and isolation.
-high iq leads to not feeling 'on par' with others.

I think that real intelligence has to learn for itself to incorporate what is called emotional intelligence and emotional & social skills, which seemingly could be learned. This complete type of intelligence should be reincorporated into our concept of what is 'intelligence'..

Our beautiful brains have been designed to be programmable by our thought patterns, which ingrain new habits and pathways of thinking and interpereting and feeling which become part of us.

thankfully, there is much assistance available in this direction, and it should become mandatory for anyone who would be considered intelligent but iss unhappy to avail themselves of.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I am very intelligent and also deal with depression. My problem is not being able to find people who can respond to me at my level. I am so tired of all the mundane crap people talk about. Looking for some intelligent conversation.