It's Obvious.

Almost every smart person gets bullied when their small. Because they're not like everyone else, or how we think people are supposed to be. When we're kids we don't know better. So the smart people get bullied and then I guess it just spirals.

Also, depressed people can get really antisocial, and that can lead to bullying later on. Otherwise, lonelyness. So many smart kids get bullied and depressed. It's almost a fact, isn't it now?

People who are smart could also get isolated because others don't like the "brainiac". As I explained up there, this probably escalates. So eventually, they get isolated. Unless someone else in the same siyuation happens to meet them and they form a connection. Then at least they're 2 people being alone together. That can make all the difference.

But yes, I think this happens, all the time. It's one of the big causes for bullying and that leads to depression and/ or isolation sometimes. That's just how cruel the world can be sometimes.
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Wow that's totally true.
I am proud to say i am smart but i realy hate what my brain does to me.

There was a survey a few months ago implying that less intelligent people get depression much more frequently than the smarts. Bullcrap. Intelligence determines how you will be treated, but not how you cope with feelings. Both idiots and geniuses can fall in love, feel nostalgic, or become anxious. It's all in ones character and surroundings.
Still, I am saddened to live in a world where isolation and depression is common. We could've achieved so much more, we could've accepted each other, regardless of our Gods, families, sexuality, nationalities, gender, and the always would-be important color of our pigmentation.