This caption hits close to home for me.

As I've entered the early years of adulthood, I've developed this insatiable thirst for knowledge, and Ive come to value intelligence over almost everything else. Ironically, this knowledge that I acquire only sinks me into deeper despair. I'm finding it harder and harder to relate to people, and I'm just becoming isolated and lonely.
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The insatiable thirst that slowly kills you inside out. Separates you from the rest, and results in crippling loneliness.
Sometimes I think sentience should have never been granted to humans.
I'm losing my ability to feel anything but anger, disgust, and lack thereof as I see how ****** this world is.
There's not much left worth living for, the way I see it.
Positive thinking is merely just fooling yourself into ignorance.

Emotional connection and fulfillment come from the heart, not the head, so it's important to maintain some balance. The mind will screw you up if you let it rule.

Thanks Katie, I think you're right. I've done nothing but let it rule, and it's screwing me up, so an adjustment is definitely in order

My brain is one of the very few things I value in myself, so i guess it becomes too easy for me to overemphasize how I see it in others

I'm a victim of my own mind. I'm an introvert and spend my days solvng problems. My thoughts and judgements prevent me from doing things that may be otherwise satisfying, interesting, exciting or fulfilling. I've taken many acting workshops and they're always about "getting out of your head" and "being in the moment" and "remember the love", so I'm constantly working toward that in my daily life, and trying not to worry about what other people think, etc. especially when it comes to intimacy and sex with someone, since our minds tend to label sex as weird, but that's only because sex is not an intellectual experience. Anyway, just thinking out loud. We need to feel both our intellectual needs and our emotional needs as humans to feel whole. The trick is finding that balance and alleviating the conflict between the mind and the heart.