In my case at least it did. I skipped a year in middle school, I always scored high A's and my mother teaches at the same school as I went to. NOT a good combination. I recently decided to change schools, but the last 1.5 years have been hell. I've been bullied and verbally abused. I always came home crying. I was dreadfully close to suicide, but I didn't deem it serious enough to talk to anybody about it. I definetely think that in our day and age, socially at least, above average Intelligence can be more than a simple disadvantage. I learnt that the hard way.
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I am in no way an expert in depression, but I think that I understand what you are talking about. Several times i have had business ideas and solutions that I have to hide until I can present them in small doses not to freak people out. it seems unfair that people with good ideas, that in general benefit others, have to pace ourselves to avoid rejection and isolation. On the other hand, I think that depression is not a direct consequence of the intelligence, but of the way we, the people that battle depression react. As a grown up person, considered with an intelligence above average, successful, that has been battling depression my whole life, I would highly recommend you to talk to your parents about it. Depression can be just a temporary condition or a more permanent tendency. Either way, doesn't need to define you, but you may benefit immensely from developing some skills to manage it.