Stupid People Are Happier

I've put in way too much thought into this.  I can already tell you that at some point in this, I will contridict myself. 

I believe stupid people are happier.  They do not have to deal with not being able to explain their thoughts to "normal" people or the immense amount of work I put myself under in order to obtain a more sophisticated outlook on the world.  They do not have to deal with the stresses that come with being smart.

Here comes the contridictions.  Just some thoughts that I had come up with while despretly trying to deal with life.  Although stupid people do not have to deal with the same issues that smart people have to deal with, I believe that they also have issues.  To the intelligent population, they seems trivial, but to them, the probably seem as big as the end of the world.  They are not as smart and therefore do not know how to deal.  Intelligent people have the added struggle of working with "normal" people, but stupid people have the same problem, but as not seeming stupid to "normal" people. 

I do not in any way regret being smart.  I like it, but at times it can seriously be a burden, and it is then that I want to stupid.  I think that the best place to be at, intelligence speaking, is in the middle, because then the majority of the population is like you and there is that many more people who will understand and be like you.  Anyways, that is my thought on the matter. 

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I think it has more to do with the structure and therefore function of the brain of 'smart' people rather than the psychological aspect. For example in certain neurological disorders an over-expression of a certain gene causing an increase in a certain receptor can cause major differences in the function of that brain when compared to a 'normal' brain. Using this idea it may be that the gene/genes etc causing 'smartness' could also be causing a decrease in dopamine levels.

It's more like pensive people get depressed I think, not smart people get depressed. Versus, easily impressed simpleton don't get depressed.

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Hi Erinkidd01. I work (or rather did until recently) in the public sector, in a corporate entity funded by the taxpayer to provide an essential service to the community. In 15 years I have never seen anyone sacked for being stupid. The more stupid you are the more likely you are to get promoted. Everywhere I go I see department heads with an expression of boredom and bewilderment permanently etched into their faces. At first glance they look just like happy idiots. The more you get to know them the more that first impression is confirmed. The quickest way to get into trouble is to be so enthusiastic about your work that you know more about it and perform better at it than your boss. Your boss then starts to worry about losing his/her (relatively) safe and comfortable job and will do everything they can to get rid of you. The smart ones have good reason to feel miserable and depressed. Their efforts and ideas are never rewarded until they leave this fools paradise and float their own boat in the real world where they only have to worry about competition, hard work, death and taxes. This systemic obstacle against cleverness is not fair but destiny does seem to favor originality and inventiveness. Just look around you. Most of the things that make life today livable were conceived and first built by people branded nonconformist, subversive and even crazy.

contridiction = wrong
contradiction = correct

despretly = wrong
desperately = correct

To some degree I agree with youErinkidd01 and I have often wondered about this myself. The happiest people that I know are usually not the smartest and the smartest people I know of are usually not very happy. Why? I don't know why, but the truth of it is self evident. I am not perfect and you are probably not perfect either. I can endure being unhappy as long as I have reasonable hope that people can grow and become stronger, wiser and more loving. I may not be perfectly happy but I am hopeful and that is enough for today. What do you think?

I experience this a lot, being in high school, it seems the biggest mistake I have ever made is to doubt people's stupidity, even who I thought to be intelligent people seem to have an excruciating, how to describe it... impairment when it comes to looking at things from a mature perspective and it is becoming ever increasingly frustrating... If there's one thing I know, when you apply pressure to something, the energy will try to disperse, and if I don't bend to compensate, I will, inevitably snap.

I did the same thing in high school. I went to school in Arkansas and I thought that everyone was kinda retarded.

Most stupid people don't realize that they are stupid. Most people think they are the smartest person in the room. I like to let them continue thier delusion. I like to listen to them debate,discuss and over analyze pointless details to come to a useless conclusion that usually ends in more trivial paperwork that noone even reads. These types of people are the "smart" people that get depressed. I never get depressed as I sit in my work area watching movies making 150k a year doing nothing. So who is really "smart"?


No one makes 150k a year for doing nothing towchez. U feeling depressed and isolated?

Tell you the truth, old man, working as in the amount of effort does not equal money. There're 2 types of rich as in jobs existing, surgeons and sinecures. Sinecure's someone such as this guy. Bosses in businesses. Lawyers in courts. Engineers in oil rigs. You get the picture.

Oh grow up! Which of these people do you think makes 150k a year for doing nothing towchez? The enginer, the lawyer, the surgeon even the assembly line boss all earn their pay. A fool and their money are soon parted.

Seems people like to argue this comment; but from my job history this is at least 85% correct. I see so many idiots who buddy up with other idiots; land high paying jobs for being idiots and then sit around and be mindless idiots all day long. I'd say 85% of the work force is made up this way in the professional fields. Seems no one wants to put any effort into innovation, hard work and success except the very few 15% who are paid the least; mostly isolated; receive absolutely no credit and keeps the company out of bankruptcy. It becomes quite apparent that "smart" is not mutually rewarded and is most likely the cause of our economical crisis.

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How many times when you encounter a stupid person who is clearly lying or acting unbelievable, do you say, !@#% it, it isn't worth calling them out on it. <br />
<br />
Because they don't get that it is obvious. <br />
<br />
I try to say something that lets them know I think they're !@# and that I don't have the time. But that requires me thinking for even an instant what they would understand.

It seems true. Unfortunately there are certain things evolutionarily that all people share. The human empathy thing. I really have to learn to minimize my empathy and acceptance of stupid people. <br />
<br />
I think mistaking wickedness for intelligence or ponderance for intelligence is something I have to askew also.<br />
<br />
I am trying to weed them out, but they are the majority, it seems to me.

There's a difference between intelligent and intellectual people. Anyone can be intelligent, even those you're calling "stupid".

I actually think there are natural booby traps set up for smart people through evolution.<br />
I think this is a way of keeping the curve at a minimum. However, On the other hand. I dare not try to figure out the "unintelligent sides" issue. Wow. If that is the case....Can A smart person even be hindered by a naturally occurring "dumb" booby trap?<br />
It even seems that the natural selection of humans has (somehow) encoded itself to what smart people are doing. Example: Smart people invent things. They have to dumb it down to make money on it. <br />
What would the world be like....If everyone was as smart as they can be?<br />
HA! A world full of Einsteins.

Probably OngsHat but Einstein was not very happy was he? He knew how fragile civilization was and urged the president of the USA to develop a nuclear weapon before the Nazis did during WWII. Can anyone imagine what the world would be like today if the Nazis had not been stopped? Everyone wants to be happy but intelligence trumps happiness in my humble opinion.

I hate to say Stupid so lest say 100 IQ crowed have more safety valves allowing errors or problems to drain away. <br />
Its ok having 12:00 flash on the VCR because manuals "are just way too complicated" Pollution, National debt, school education are problems "smart people" are taking care of. They also say "Only my smart friends understand that" so they are free not to. <br />
Errors are ok. When someone says "The world is always in balance. The sun rises in the east, the moon in the west" or "The launch window is this thing above the earth NASA has to wait for so rockets can get out, else NASA has to wait for the next one" (I kid you not!! - he was a sober and very convincing manager) <br />
Lastly the future is out there - somewhere. IMO those with 130 or higher IQ try to see or can see further down the road. Hence the future is not a big problem. <br />
Yes life is hard but the 100 IQ folks have these safety valves allowing errors or problems to drain away. <br />
<br />
Those in the 70 IQ bracket seem to be happy week to week as anything that happened last week is forgotten. That is ba<x>sed on experiance with just two people. Yet if you go the same thrity points to the other side of 100 those with an IQ of 130 have longer memories. They see further back and try to see much further ahead.

I'm laughing my *** off at not only the spelling errors of the comments from the supposed "smart people," but also the spelling errors of the author himself. You're not one of the elite if you can't spell "desperately."

ok ... so you spell well................... WhAT MORE DO YOU HAVE TO BRING TO THE TABLE TO SHOW YOUR INTELL....

How do people come to the conclusion that they themselves are smart OR stupid? How do you know someone else is smart or stupid.Going to college , getting a degree , doesn't mean you're smart ( except maybe in what your degree pertains to) Outside of that you could be as dumb as a post.Not going to college doesn't mean you are dumb either.Many things can add to , lead to , or subtract from depression.Some people have chemical imbalances (such as myself) where being smart nor dumb have anything to do with being depressed.With some people , certain things cause them to become depressed...(trouble at home , work , school , etc.)Anyone who is REALLY depressed knows what it is like to explain their thoughts to someone who isn't depressed. They just don't understand.Besides , no one will understand better than you yourself , because everyone is different.I've been in hospitals , talked to psychiatrists , taken medicine blah blah blah.None of it helped. Now of course it does help some people , but I just try to live day by day. Now , I deal with it much better.Wether you are dumb or smart doesn't matter , some people just get depressed.

I over analyze questions on tests, and choose answers that make a lot more sense if you actually put thought into it.......but they end up being wrong because the makers of the test don't think anyone will actually think about an answer. I actually do better on the test if i don't think about the answer and just write down what i guess is the "right", sorry it just annoys me alot......


I won't argue with you, but can't even spell. Are you sure you're all that smart?<br />

I DO get very annoyed when people make very stupid comments, but more so when they relate to ignorance rather than innocence. Sometimes, people don't know because they haven't been given the opportunity to. I feel only sorry for them. Other times, people don't know because they refuse to look, listen, or try. These are the people I truly get annoyed with, since stupidity was their life choice.<br />
<br />
At the same time (and I know you addressed this), isn't it presumptuous to assume that one has certain issues and others' don't have any as grave simply by labeling themselves into one group? Isn't that sort of a cop out?

I agree, while stupd peaple just say anything and don't care, smart peaple have to try and try, and still, que stupid ones "won". Because while your trying to say something right, and explain something to someone, they can just say anything, what are peaple going to say? "You're stupid"? And what? They just don't care about anything...And always get away with that...<br />
But if your smart, nooo! You have to do it all right or someone will start to "make it rain o you" becouse you're more capable than that. And if you talk fast, or do soemthing diferently, oh now it's becouse you're a werdow. Can't have your own thoughts, becouse if they're more "advanced" it's becouse you're stupid, when you're not...<br />
And then peaple start discriminating you, just becouse you're more intelegent and they're jealos...I experienced that, and it's really bad, I mean, how can you live without friends and a whole amount of peaple insulting and discriminating you. Just becouse they're so darn stupid and don't understand anything...

Being smart is a constant annoyance when dealing with stupid people. I work at a tourist sight and there is no other place you have to deal with more stupid people then at a tourist sight. I work at a cave and on a daily basis I am asked questions such as "are we underground?", or "is this cave made of rock?" etc. If only I was just as stupid I wouldn't be quite as annoyed by this thinking it is a perfectly logical question. Being smart is great but just the same as being stupid, it is a constant annoyance in my opinion.

yo man i totally get what you mean! i wish i was stupid, so i didnt have to deal with all the **** i have to deal with, check out my blog and let me know what you think!

I'm smart and not ashamed of it but have found little understanding from "normal", i.e. average, pedestrian, common people which has resulted in isolation and the blues from time to time. I guess that's depression.<br />
It's lonely at the top. They don't say "ignorance is bliss" for no reason. If you can't see the truck coming it will flatten you and your smile before you grok what hit you.<br />