A Curse To Go With The Gift.

Growing up I didnt have a lot of friends who understood what I was talking about and even less who tried. It wasnt even like I was trying, I dumbed myself down and tried to use less technical words but when a science topic came up I was speaking in an alien tongue. I would always have a kid around saying "English, please."

This caused me to stay away from most social situations if I wasnt dragged along by a friend. I would have nothing to talk about because nobody wanted to hear about cosmic bodies or string theory.

All I read are non fiction books and the concept of quantum mechanics was just confusing to a lot of my friends...which can be understandable. 

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Please, explain. I gotta hear this one. =)

I loves it. <br />
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I once ignored a girl for a quantum physics book. =/

I only play an idiot on ep. :sigh:

This is just a way to pat yourself on the back........admit it.....!

Had the same problem, minus the cosmic bodies and string theories... People used to use me because I was too nice... not anymore :)

I was a pretty isolated child as well, I still find it hard to socialize now because many people weren't interested in the things I was interested in. Bah, people just make it difficult no matter what you do. At least you have people who can understand now.

Oh, this is just how I felt growing up. I made many friends on my level or above. Thanks for reading.

Intelligence is like money...some people have more....some people have less....I use to be attracted to only people who were extremely intelligent....but, I've come to realize that everyone has something special to offer the world....I understand a little about how you feel. Try finding friends who have similar interests and the same level of intelligence as you have. They do exist believe me....When you are around people who'd rather discuss the weather, sprorts or whatever....try to glean something from that experience.....and, don't make it obvious that you're smarter than they are....Learn to laugh and take yourself less seriously.....I put it in this perspective...if there's a God....I would be very stupid in comparison.....if you want to have more friends you'll need to appreciate their differences ...Accpept them and yourself for what you are....How boring life would be if we were all the same....

Hush, you already knew this about me. =P