The Power Of The Mind

I am young - 14 years - but I have grown up in company of adults. Until I went to boarding school last september, I had spent very little time in my life with people my own age.

From early age I would spend time with friends or colleagues for Papa Mama, officials, politicians, intellectuals in my country. I would listen to them talk and argue and joke. And I loved it, loved their fire and their passion.

As I grew a bit older, from about 12 years on, I start really understand what they say, the meaning not just the words. And i begin also to see the power of the mind as an erogenous zone. Turn on my brain and you turn on my body!!

At same time I was beginning to realise I am lesbian. I found the men engaging and fascinating but the women in the group were something else. So powerful, so passionate, so full of life and so attractive.

That wa swhen i finally knew that i would have to be politician to express what i believe and to change country change society.

I have met some very powerful men, very attractive. If not lesbian i might want as lover even if 40 years older. But the thing most attractive about them, the sexiest thing, was the mind the brain.

And believe me, i have had strong feelings for some of the women. Some old enough to be mama but such intellect, such insight i want to share and learn from.

Is this so inappropriate for 14 years? To admire intelligence rather than celebrity?

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We cannot controlour passions and our desires. Adolescents does have it varied behavioral patterns that seem strange. All of us who have gone through that stage will vouch for it. There is absolute nothing wrong in admiring intelligence or aspiring to be one.

Thank you! I do admire and i do aspire!

The world is your oyster. Go, make the most of it.

Thank you! I do admire and I do aspire!

sorry! don\'t know why it repeated! lol!

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Yulia, it's not wrong to find anything admirable or attractive about anybody. Sometimes feelings just are, one can't help having them. The only thing we can control is our behavior. It's quite normal to find older people attractive, it's your mind getting you ready for looking for what you want in a relationship or lover.

wow! thank you, Sarah, getting ready, yes that is it! xx

You are most welcome :)


No intelligence can be attractive too. It's the way people express themselves, their behaviour who make them attractive.

No its honorable! :) i find intelligence way more sexy 2

thank you!!

Of course! :)