I Don't Like It, But What Else Is There.

Hello All,

I don't like Internet Dating myself, but I do it just in case. I haven't been dating in 2 years. I am still on some dating sites, but no luck. I also thought that I might join a Dating Site for New Agers. 

Well, like all the other Dating Sites, I have to describe myself. That's hard to do, plus it does sound repetitive, and I feel like I'm in another job interview.

That's what dating is to me, like a job interview where people play head games.

But, like some of you, I am still going with Internet Dating just in case. I haven't been doing any in person dating due to school. I have met some people outside the Internet. I've met one guy on the bus, but I don't think that he likes to leave messages on voicemail. And I met a guy when I was eating at Subway close to Christmas. But that person was not my type, so I fibbed my phone number.

Are there people here that are still trying Internet Dating, even though they do not like it?


Midnight Starr

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Well, that man who wasn't my type came when I wanted to suspend dating until I was finished with school. I didn't want dating to interfere with school anyway. But he was the wrong type for me. But you made me believe that the right one will come when I least expect it. Now that school will be ending soon, I might start dating again, but I am not expecting anything from it. I have other future plans that I might consider besides marriage, since I am in my late 30s.

just cos that one guy wasnt your type, doesnt mean he wasnt for you!!! sometimes people end up marrying the people they least expect, and they are really successful at it!!! you just got to be patient, the right person will come along eventually!!! some people think life is too short, but life is only too short if you make the wrong choices!!! take care!!! *cowie* xxx