Mr. And Mrs. B----

In l960 a young couple moved next store to me when I was a little girl.  We lived in an apt. building in the Upper West Side of NYC.  Most people call this area the beginning of Harlem/Spanish Harlem.  He was a young black man and she was Irish American.  They had  two toddler boys.  Dennis was one years old and Chris was about two.   I was a little older than the boys.  I always thought this was normal and didn't realize how brave this  couple was to get married in the l950's in America until I was in my teens.  I never gave up my apt. in NYC when I moved to California.  I have family living there and visit a few times in the year.  We are still neighbors after all these years. They watched me grow from a little girl to a grandmother LOL.  Mr. B became 90 and Mrs. B is in her late 80s.   Their son is back home living with them because they both have physical problems.  They came to visit me in California twenty years ago when Chris was working on his doctorate at UCLA.   Dennis  is a lawyer .   My brother who lived in the building but on a different floor has been friends with them his life.  My neighbors are the most wonderful people in the world.  When I was older and ventured out of my little cocoon I realized some folks were against this type of relationship and I found that discovery shocking.  When you are exposed to something all your life it is very normal to you and to find out other people had a different view was so sad and disappointing.   I was so lucky to grow up in such a wonderful accepting environment  and to be exposed to a loving couple like Mr.and Mrs. B.      God bless them and I hope they are my neighbors for many more years.
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Mr. and Mrs. B sound wonderful, and I can only hope if I ever have someone special enough, to have as solid a relationship with mine as you painted with them.

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.<br />
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God bless yo and yours. Be safe and well always.