My Entire Family Is Interracial

My entire family, dating back to the 1700s has married or had relationships with someone of a different race.

I suppose we are all color blind and look at people as they are, spirits not skin colors.

I think interracial relationships are great.

Interspecies fine but Interglactic, no way! 

Problems. All kinds of problems.
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1 Response Jul 3, 2011

one of my soul sisters here has been in an interracial relationship for 17 yrs. Here... my hometown, small minded folks... not to be cruel in any way but... it's a fact. .... i love this family my soul sis puts it... her family is a checkerboard family. *smile* <br />
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You know... if a person was blind... one couldn't hate by sight... could they? :~)<br />
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And...yup, there is problems in any relationship.<br />
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Happy 4th. take care