I Think Its Great!!

i think its great that we are seeing more and more people involved in interracial relationships these days!! i dont see a problem with it, cos after all, we are all the same, apart from the colour of our skin!! i mean, cos i actually know a guy, who's familly disowned one of his cousins, cos he got married to a black woman!! and all i can say, is good for him, he was in love with the woman and he wanted to marry her, and he made sure he married her, no matter what his family said or thought about it,and i bet he feels the better for not caring about what his family thought about him marrying her!!
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Love is color blind anyway, it sees what's inside.

yes, i agree *izza24*!!

thanks for the comments guys, i agree with both of you, cos i too cant believe that there are still people that are opposed to interracial relationships *toistory* and *HoneySuckler*, i agree, it will be their loss in the end!!

To hell with what his family thinks. If they cannot handle it, then too bad for them. His relatives will miss out on seeing and knowing any beautiful children that may come out of his cousin's new union.<br />
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Their loss...

It frightening to think that there is still an uneasy feeling over interracial couples.. I am just in awe, that someone should ever be opposed to such. Its a long ways from the segregated ignorances yet a few still hang on.. I am not sure how someone can be sensitive to political correctness and opposed to love, due to a colour blend... *shaking head*