I Don't Understand...

I don't understand the problem people have with interracial relationships.
What is it that people think is wrong with it? please someone explain this to me.
The only other thing i have to say is Don't let people put you down, be with who you love!
NataleighTyler NataleighTyler
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 11, 2012

You are beter off with your own culture and race. Your children will suffer the most and your family as well. If you want to just taste different flavors fine but never a serious relationship because one of you will have to give up their culture and I would never do that for anyone.. Blood is thicker than water!!

yes but when u're thirsty, do you ask for blood or water?

I guess it is because they are close-minded. They probably aren't used to these interracial relationships and they want to stick to the normal same-race kind of relationships and marriages.<br />
My parents are of different races, btw. :)

Hey chinkymonkey
You look like it too.. Mixing only enhances the inferior race and usually make ugly babies like you!!!

My theory is it all stems from white men's fears of being proved inferior sexually. They breed the hate out of fear that women will find out that Blackman are better than them in bed.

wish i could be with the one i love, im trying with mine yes im only 17, im trying my best with her always seems to be my fault.