I'M In One

I'm a white man in a relationship with a black woman. She is my first girlfriend and I lost my virginity to her. After Naomi took my virginity she was laying on top of me and I looked over and saw us in the mirror and I loved the skin contrasts between us, my white skin against her black skin and something went off in me that maybe I was meant to be with a black woman.

My parents have always told me there is nothing wrong with interracial relationships and they love Naomi a lot cause they can see how happy I am. Plus I'm not the first in the family to be in an interracial relationship, one of my cousins is married to an Asian woman and they have three children together and I hope to have children with Naomi in the future.

Naomi's family are also the same when it comes to interracial relationships, her family welcomed me with open arms and I get along with each of them. Her parents are really kind, her sisters are amazing and her brother is an awesome guy who teats me like a brother he never had.

I really don't know why you get people of all races having a problem with interracial relationships cause it is natural, been going on for thousands of years and if they know anything about the 'Out of Africa' theory then they will know their race will not be wiped out at all no matter what some people believe would happen as a result of interracial sex and relationships.
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Indeed. The color on the outside has little to do with the color of the heart on the inside, which is the same in everyone.

One of my dearest girlfriends was of a different race (and i absolutely thrilled to the feel of her "different" skin against mine. But that's another story ;-)
Bless you (*both*)!

Beautiful story. You're lucky to have supportive families and each other. No matter the color, true love will always win.