It's Called Love! and It's Great!!!


i see them as a couple ... their skin color has no relevance and makes no difference to me. Even though i was raised in a time when it did to others.

It has been this way all my life. Character matters much more than color for me.

My Mother once told me that there is no difference between a white woman and a black woman. Because, she said, they are women. Before all else they are women.


Over the years i've been lucky to know a number of interracial couples. They are and were just happy couples leading ordinary lives, loving each other.

Also seen inter-cultural couples ... still boils down to love. Is it hard, guess so as all relationships are hard and take work. Does society make it harder, i'd have to say yes here too ... and that it is wrong of society (just my thought).

A blending of heart and mind.

Love (i think) is color blind.


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I'm in an interracial relationship, I have been with the same man for the past 20 years. We have 2 beautiful boys, and I don't see them as being judged, for their backgrounds, by anyone. I was raised to see the people, not the color of their skin. Call me color blind. I believe in staying in the same race. THE HUMAN RACE!<br />
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I think your story and your idealism (?) is a beautiful thing!

i am sorry you have been treated this way. It is wrong. Things have changed since i was young but there are still those who hold to the old ways. That too is wrong.<br />
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People must make the change in their hearts and in their ways. The laws have seen many changes over the years but many are still treated badly.<br />
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My story expresses my feelings and my feelings only. i was raised differently, given the times i was raised in. i do treat everyone based on their character and not their skin color.<br />
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Again, i'm sorry that you see my story and feelings as something less than what you would like. Not worthy of any consideration, that's why (i guess) you call me an idealist. Maybe i am.<br />
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But i feel strongly about this and that's why i wrote it. You can make assumptions and judge me all you want ... this is me.

That was all white picket fences and idealism but the fact is even in this time people are still bigoted against interracial relationships and the children of that union suffer the decision of the parents and get ridiculed. The law states that a child is the ethnic group of it's father. People don't see that child with the caucasian father as a caucasian when they see that tan skin and curly brown hair. African American men seen with a caucasian woman is more easily accepted by those free thinking individuals than an African American woman with a caucasian man. I have been in conversations with men who say it's okay for them to be with caucasian women but it's wrong for an African American woman to be with a caucasian man. <br />
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I am very well informed on this subject because I am a result of ethnic group diversity and my family consists of several interracial couples with children. We are realists. I hugged my son in law goodbye at a bus station and I was frowned at by other customers and the window clerk was rude to me when I inquired about bus information but she was polite to everyone else in line. I watched and listened so I'm not making an assumption.