I think intimacy is very important in a relationship and it does not only have to be sexual every time. For me intimacy with my boyfriend starts off from first thing in the morning.

Everyday I wake up before him and make breakfast for him, so that when we wakes up, breakfast is ready on the table.

Also I try to get back from gym or pool before he gets back home and make dinner for him. Thats why whenever he gets back home, dinner is ready for him.

Every morning when he gets up and every night when he goes to sleep, I give him a kiss. Whenever he goes out or come back home, I give him a kiss.

Furthermore showering together is also one of the intimate moments for me. We shower 2 times a day, once in morning and once at night.

Every morning we shower together while getting ready for the class. Nothing sexual at all but really just showering together, washing each other and talking about our feelings.

Also we shower again when he gets back from from classes, this time too its all about love in the shower, washing each other, kissing each other and talking about how the day was and stuff like that.

I like to add intimacy and love to everyday and usual things. It really keeps our relationship healthy and happy.
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sounds like a great relationship, you are both lucky, how does he "return" your intimacy?

Damn! If you could teach people how to know what it means intimacy. I just think movies and **** ruined intimacy and love between couples. I know that most will or mention that it is crazy. But i do wash my dish for fun thing to wash the dish while the girl was drying the dishes. It is a way of make each others share moments and make a lot of touch and hugs as well. I think that i miss doing these for mostly have no one but when i was having these moments. It was a bliss and made me enjoy our time. The time each spend on hugging and kiss to greet each others in the morning and when get back from work. The way of showing how much appreciate by giving a rose to when get back from work. Also when do the compliment for saying how gorgeous she looks more each day. I think that most couples think it is all about touch but both touch and words can make a lot of difference in each others relationship.

amazing.. wish your relationship grows stronger everyday :)

Intimacy is the most important part of a successful relationship...but you know this.

you are a beautiful mentor...