Intimacy isn't seeing your lover physically naked in front of you. Intimacy is showing the people you love the parts of you, you wish did not exist. Intimacy is me holding onto your little finger in a crowded place because it makes me feel safe. Intimacy is you kissing my forehead, stroking my cheek, understanding where I'm coming from in a difficult situation. It's allowing me to rub your earlobe because it makes me feel like a child, I remember rubbing my mother's earlobe when I grew tired. Intimacy is feeling the comfort of your love surround me without words, laying with you on a cold morning because our bodies are warm. Intimacy is you allowing me to see all the parts of you, you don't want me to see. Wiping away the tears, expressing the pain without shame without fear of rejection. Intimacy is so much more that physical contact between the sheets. My intimacy is baring my soul, allowing you to see the ugly parts of me and just hoping that you will still love me...
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