Sex is good and it's healthy so I do think it's very important
LauraBowker LauraBowker
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Yes, I think it's very important in a loving relationship.

You think sex is being intimate?? 😳

My thoughts exactly. I love in a sexless marriage where there is no intimacy yet I'm expected to be a loving and devoted husband. How does that work??

Sorry FITGUYSUCKLE, IMHO and past experience, it does not work for long..

totally. its affirming, validating, and very relaxing in the aftermath of the insanity that the lack of it creates.

You lose connection without intimacy. without connection relationships fall apart.

Positively agree .

And there's nothing worse than being continually turned down by your spouse.

Helps keep the feelings someone still desires you and cares to be close

I agree. I feel sex is the CORNERSTONE of a relationship.
Learning to service and worship each other sexually is PARAMOUNT!