Isn't That What a Dumb Person Would Say?

IQ tests do have a purpose, primarily for streaming students in schools. Obviously schools need different classes for children/youths of differing abilities, and IQ tests are a good pointer for that.

I can even see some sense in having a club for people with High IQs, as it must get very frustrating for them trying to communicate with simple folk like you and I who simply can't keep up with their mental processes.

I'm not suggesting we all have our IQ scores tattooed on our foreheads. That's just silly.

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I guess it's defined by whatever test you're taking at the time...

There should be some more comments here carrot, but they've gone missing. My Hitler comment didn't just come out of the blue as it appears to.<br />
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Also, I didn't really mean to imply that all intelligent people are dangerous psychopaths!

I don't know about Hitler but I'm sure Ted Bundy was smart. If anyone was ever morally bankrupt, it was him.