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Hot Redheads

There is something about all those different hues and tones of red hair, and all those Irish Eyes smiling and laughing, that is very attractive to me. Whenever I am anyplace that large numbers of Irish girls are gathered together, I am always blown away by their beauty. Not ALL of them, of course, but there are always a large number of them that are as beautiful as any women I ever see anywhere. Irish girls seem to have those natural curls that frame their pretty faces in shiny ringlets.

All nationalities have beautiful women. but Irish girls, particularly the redheads, can be stunning.

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As some one who is 100% Irish[ Plain Clothes Irishman] I would like to know where these mythical Irish females exist? Sound like another myth dreamed up by the Irish tourist board to attract the American tourists here.As if we didnt have enough idiots looking for; cows in fields,
Leprachauns, Banshees, Guinness and claiming to be 2.99999% on Grandpappys side.
and listening to some Irishman singing country and western songs through his nose in an Irish
themed pub in Ballygobackwards. Shure now, dont we have our very own black president
running America! And in the meantime, were being run by the Germans!
Top o mornin` to ya, begorrah.[ courtesy of The Quiet Man now silenced]
Have a good day ya all!
Bejapers now, arnt them a great pair legs!

Dont take it too seriously! Taydee x.

Each March, my husband takes me to one of the largest Irish Fesitivals in the states, and I am always blown away by all the gorgeous red headed girls with their ringlet curls dancing the jigs and reels. Every shade of red hair abounds and so very pretty. Those sparkling green eyes and traditional costumes. Something about the music stirs my soul, even though I have no Irish in me that I know of. There is a melancholy and sadness about Irish songs and Irish stories that seems to touch me. It is as if their history left them permanently scarred and damaged in some charming tender way.

Glad u werent offended by my weird sense of humour!Dare I sugges that that u could have some Irish in you! You are a Lovely Lady. Did I mention the legs last time?
A, Sure it would bring a tear to a glass eye!
Slan Leat.

Hmm... I wonder if that's why Lucille Ball was famous. Red head. My favorite redhead was Stefanie Powers back in the day. She was sexy. Well, to me. LOL.

I always loved the young and vivacious Ann Margret. As in Bye Bye Birdy. So wholesomely sexy and seductive. Just oozing with coquettish sensuality.

Uggghhh!!!! She was so sexy. As a black man, all we saw mostly were white women on TV back in the day. But the lust was just the same.

Yes, casting was definately racist back in the day, and some say still is. As in no black Spiderman. To be honest, thinking back before de-segregation, it always turns me on to imagine being one of those white women on the arm of some delicious black stud when it was so very socially unacceptable. Being labled a **** and ***** because I loved black ****. That definately is a fantasy that gets my juices flowing. Warm Kisses.

It's the thrill of it all. O.... you are just full of fantasies I see. Great!

I must warn you, my naughty mind knows no limits when it comes to imagination. It just sort of runs wild.

O... why am I not surprised? I see first hand that mind of your flows like a river down stream. But just like any wild thing, it can be tamed. Purrrrrrrrrrrrr.....nice kitty.

*kneeling at your feet arching my back as you pet me* purrrrrrrrrrrr.......

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Seem like we both have a thing for reds

Something we share in common. *giggle*

We have quite a bit in common. If you weren't married, I might have been convinced that I found my soulmate lol.

As an Irishman I couldn't agree more.Nice story.

In high school there was a lovely girl in my graduating class. She wore her red hair short but she was perky, bouncy and had and such wonderful breasts! I have little doubt in my mind that she knew it.<br />
One day during gym class when were all taking a break... she chose that moment to pull off her sweatshirt with glee and revealed her T-shirt covering two jaw-droppingly fantastically perky breasts. The kind that bounce around in that special way which makes mens' eyes goggle! I swear, it was like *EVERY GUY* looking at her got struck by lightening!! We even broke out in laughter!<br />
Granted, we didn't actually see her breasts... but WOW. Really didn't need to.<br />
<br />
Ooooooooo! I can remember that moment SOOOOOOO clearly!!

I had my first redhead whn in high school, and she was beautiful, pale, and had such lovely breasts... your story brough back hot memories, thanks

I'm not a big fan of flaming red hair ... but I find auburn hair (mixture of brown and red) extremely beautiful... I am scotch Irish ... along with a mixture of others ... and have to say we in america are blessed with such a beautiful variety of girls ... some of the blends are just magnificent....

OMG YES! A full head of flaming wavy red hair that I can entwine my fingers in!!! YES YES YES<br />
<br />
(but then, I'd probably say the same thing about any color hair, lol. ok... nevermind...)

I'm not all Irish, but my features are definitely from the Irish part of my heritage. I look like my dad's side where we share some of the "black" Irish. Some of my cousins got the red hair while others got the very dark. I don't have the red hair, I'm brunette, and my Irish eyes definitely smile!

Glad to know ya think we're pretty :)<br />
<br />
we love you too hehehehe<br />
<br />
Irish Eyes are Smiling Down on YOU!

It would be hard, very hard, not to like you.