I Think It Most Definitely Is Ok

I work for the things I have, and there are things that I have already gotten that I'm still paying for - namely, my college education that I'm still repaying student loans.  I know my limits as to what I can afford, and I abide by those limits.  Even if I had every single material thing that I ever wanted, if I worked and paid for those things, it would be ok. 

I'm not one to be selfish, either.  I've loaned a couple bucks to family and friends when they've needed it, even if for that week or couple weeks I had to cut back on my own spending habits.  I have no problem donating to nonprofits, whether it be money, food, clothes, toys, diapers, etc., and I have done this too.  I've also donated my time through volunteering, but that's besides the point right now.  We're talking about the material things here :P

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aw thank you :)