Are Regular People the Only Ones Paying Taxes

It seems almost everyday a new Obama pick is brought to light as not paying their taxes.

Does the Obama team go out of it's way to pick only these people? 

We owed the IRS 1200.00 a few years back and the way they came after us even after our accountant followed the guidelines in setting up our payment schedule; you would have thought we owed a million bucks.  The mean letters and such.  We even paid them off early. 

To keep it from happening again my husband changed his w4 so that more taxes would be taken out each week so we would not owe at the end of the year.

But these people owe thousands and are being told "it's ok" we still want you for the job.  Well I don't want them for the job and it sends a very bad message to all the others who "I didn't know I had to pay tax on that" to just keep doing it and for more.

Can you imagine what these very people are going to do when they find a Republican who has done this very same thing?

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LOL you're right and I agree with the person with Cancer but you always have people trying to dodge their responsibilities. That's what I see. I don't watch much TV but i see that commercial when I watch the news.<br />
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There are sometimes extenuating circumstances that I failed to take into consideration. I won't apologize for that because that's what this forum is about, writing your thoughts and learning in the process. I am all about healthcare being a basic human right and these issues might not happen if people had proper access to healthcare. I also understand the loss of income from these things. I've been there and done that with my first husband's leukemia we paid our taxes and owed $660,000 after his death and $1.5 million maxed out in lifetime cap of health insurance. Many people who cry socialism don't know the real meaning of the world and they fail to see that the military and their families have "socialized medicine" according to their definition. But that's a whole nother' story.

To me, it is a big problem. I pay my taxes. You can attack me all you want but my big liberal heart has no sympathy for people who cannot or do not pay their taxes. Maybe as you say, I do not know what I'm talking about. All I know is I see these happy people on TV who are ecstatic that they got to pay pennies on a dollar for their taxes. I equate that to the people who lost their homes because they couldn't pay their mortgage. Only the tax people get to keep their **** at regular taxpayer expense. And this is a site to say what you think so I'll comment on what I damn well please. Poof!

You self righteous people act like Bush appointee's didn't have tax problems either to include Bush himself for that matter.<br />
George W. Bush's questionable activities and profits during his years as a director of Harken Energy Corp. (1986-1993) came under a fair amount of scrutiny. Bush avoided responsibility for those activities, thanks to a compromised SEC investigation during his father's presidency, as well as Mr. Bush's stubborn refusal to provide details of those deals.<br />
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An investigation uncovered the possibility that one Harken transaction - the cancellation of an estimated $230,375 in debt in 1993 - was probably structured to help Mr. Bush evade income taxes. Further analysis by The Anonymous CPA suggested that Bush may have filed false tax returns every year between 1986 and 1993. Income tax evasion and filing false returns are both crimes.<br />
Bush should release his tax returns for 1993 and 1994, and to provide the other documents required to fully understand this shady deal.<br />
Or how about Harriet Miers' Texas law firm, Locke Liddell, who were investigated by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for agreeing to write favorable tax opinions for clients regarding Ernst & Young tax schemes that sparked a criminal investigation. <br />
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What pathetic losers. Police yourselves first.<br />
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Some real outrage should directed at those attorneys and those "Patriotic" people on those commercials who owe thousands in back taxes and get them renegotiated to pennies on the dollar! Those people part of the reason are why our taxes are so high too.

Evidently, "These People" (your fellow Americans, by the way) seem to concern themselves very much with policing their own tax invaders. Do you really believe that there were no Republican fat cats in the last administration who paid less taxes then they were suppose to pay? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying from me. The Republican "these people" just don't get called out on it by their own.

my husband and i do the same as you do grits4ever! i am canadian but my husband had the irs after him once and they were horrorable ! <br />
i wonder why there are so many people not paying taxes and getting away with it. its messed up !