Obama Unveils His Budget

So if you are not upset or angry yet over all the spending will the new buleprint budget from Obama just out to be added to what has already been spent get your there? 


Thursday, February 26, 2009 A 'New Era of Responsibility' to Whom?!?  

Obama unveils his budget

I am so angry right now as an American that, by God, I need to hit something. I feel a bit like a tiger in a cage, pacing back and forth, fuming, snarling, waiting for the next handler stupid enough to unlock that door.

The budget details are out. The White House calls it "A New Era of Responsibility." I ask -- responsibility to whom?

The American people are being pissed on and told that it’s raining. Our ship is sinking, but we’re being told they’re just drawing us a bath. We are being lied to over and over and over again and I, for one, am just tired of it.

Between the $410 appropriations bill approved by the House yesterday, last week’s commitment of $275 billion to artificially prop up homeowners too short-sighted or too gluttonous to realize their financial limitations, the president’s need for a $634 billion healthcare reform plan, and the $787 billion signed away for the latest attempt at a Keynesian recovery destined to fail like all other such plans in history, our federal government has spent or has committed to spend roughly $2.1 trillion in the past two weeks alone.

Yet Democrats scream and yell when the president mentioned, in his speech to a joint session of Congress, the $1.2 trillion deficit he inherited from former President Bush.

Yet President Barack Obama insisted upon calling a summit on fiscal responsibility.

Yet President Barack Obama says that we all must sacrifice so he can cut the budget deficit in half over the next four years. Huh?

Which budget deficit? The $1.2 trillion he inherited, or the $2.1 trillion he added to it? It’s easy, after all, to cut something in half after you’ve doubled it. Furthermore, who is going to have to sacrifice, the people who freeload and literally pay NOTHING into the system now, or the ones who actually create jobs and businesses and fuel the very economy the president is so willing to destroy?

During his speech, President Obama claimed that during the first month of his historic presidency—historic not only because, yes, he is this nation’s first black president but also because he has orchestrated the largest fiscal abomination in the history of the world—he and his disciples have gone through the budget, line by line, and managed to find $2 trillion in savings. This is an overt, fraudulent misrepresentation and should be exposed as such. First, the $2 trillion will barely cover the increases in spending he has presided over so far. Second, the $2 trillion is not so much “savings” as it is the aftereffect of raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, the very people who drive the economy, the very people who create the jobs, the very people who invest in business.

Last week, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg--another nitwit--let it slip that some 40,000 families pay 50 percent of the taxes in the city. Get that? That’s 40,000 families out of the some 8,000,000 people who live in New York City and the some 12,000,000 that work there, carrying half of the tax burden for the city. How many of those millions of people pay nothing? How many more get a credit at the end of the year? And what happens when Bloomberg hikes taxes on the wealthy in that city? I’ll tell you – many of the 40,000 shouldering the burden for everyone else will find another place to hang their hat and coat, another place to build their business, and kiss New York City as we know it goodbye.

The same thing goes for the federal government. It’s all ideology, no common sense. Just like you simply cannot ask those who pay nothing to sacrifice anything, you cannot tax those who create the jobs and invest in business and the economy to shoulder a heavier burden and not expect, in exchange, some sort of adverse consequences. But they don’t care. They have the power, the control, and the media. What else do they need? Who cares if they overtly lie, when there’s nobody to call them on it, and when no one can do anything anyway?

When Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd contend that the Bush Administration and Republican leadership tacitly endorsed the relaxed regulations on lending and credit rather than warning of the trouble ahead, they're lying.

When Nancy Pelosi says into the microphone that her latest leap down the red-brick road to socialism was done in a bipartisan manner, she's lying.

When our president looks into the camera and tells the middle class that they will not be affected in the slightest by the tax increases in the new budget, HE’S LYING.

If you tax businesses, whether directly through increased corporate taxes or through tax increases for outsourced labor, or whether indirectly by taxing those who support, create and invest in business, those increased costs aren’t somehow magically eaten by the businesses – they’re passed on to end users like you, like me, and like the rest of us in the middle class. Our paychecks may remain the same—at least for those of us who still have our jobs despite the increased cost of doing business—but the money sure will not go as far. The groceries you buy at the supermarket will cost more because of the extra costs borne by the supermarket, by the shipping companies, by the distribution companies, and by the manufacturers behind them. Technology will cost more for American business because of the increased cost of doing business thanks to invasive government regulation on employment, thanks to invasive government regulations in the form of carbon output controls. Everything will cost more. And when hyperinflation kicks in due to all of the money we’ve been printing, when the value of each dollar in those paychecks sinks like the hopes and dreams of our grandchildren, everything will get worse.

I don’t care if Barack Obama can truly walk on water or if he can truly make FDR rise from his grave, he simply cannot make Keynesian economics work, and he simply cannot claim to take water from one side of the American bucket without taking from the other.

What’s worse is that, in the course of making his promises and setting forth his policies, he is blatantly, obviously lying straight to the faces of the Americans which voted him into office.

Despite promises to the contrary, legislation has been written behind closed doors, transparency is at a minimum, and reckless spending is more than alive and well in the halls of Capitol Hill. Despite stating, unequivocally, that there were no pet projects in the $787 spending spree, the entire bill was riddled with them. Despite campaign guarantees that he would eliminate earmarks, the $410 billion appropriations bill approved by the House contained more than 9,000 earmarks.

America, he is lying to you. The government is lying to you. And we’re letting them get away with it. We’re succumbing hook, line and sinker to the charm and to the intimidation and to the repeated acknowledgement of “crisis” and “catastrophe.”

Not to mention the spin.

When Barack Obama, for instance, vilifies the wealthy and talks about increasing taxes on businesses that ship jobs overseas, he neglects to convey exactly why those businesses ship jobs overseas. They do so because of excess regulations in America, regulations like the upcoming cap-and-trade legislation the president happily outlined in this week’s speech, regulations which would allow a government office to tell American business exactly how much carbon they are allowed to emit, regulations which will immediately drive existing business and industry overseas to China and India where there are no such boneheaded standards, and putting up a giant neon warning sign telling others that their jobs and taxes simply aren’t welcome here. Then, after forcing American business and industry to push jobs and operations overseas through overzealous and unnecessary regulation, the Obama-led government will subsequently increase taxes on those businesses forced to do so. Why would anybody hang their hat and coat in America?

You know, in the days and weeks following the election in November, I said that Barack Obama’s success is our success, his failure is our failure. That’s true, in the sense that his success means America is better after four years and therefore that success is shared with all Americans. However, it has become abundantly clear that Obama’s policies will not create a stronger America and will indeed erode many of the freedoms for which this nation was founded. I cannot support the vilification and eradication of capitalism in America. I cannot call for Obama’s success, if his success means the downfall of the very nation I know and love.

We need to rise up, people. It’s time to get angry. I’m sick and tired of pacing around in this cage – I’m ready to pounce, and I asking that you be ready to do the same.





















































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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Some time's we all aren't always looking at a stable foundation when it comes to having a bright new future. What does this mean? Are we all doomed to repeat our previous mistakes, or are we products of our past... Inclusive of events that were or weren't supposed to happen? Was the country ever planning on having a monetary issue? We owe so much money to other countries, but we also owe so much money to ourselves.<br />
<br />
We tend to put off the economic slander, but only to deny that it has gotten that bad. In other words, we all need to realize that we have put ourselves in this situation due to to many loans that have gone a-rye. And what about our "Value System?" Because, as Uncle Sam says, "I want You" or John F. Kennedy says, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." or former president Bush Senior says, "Life is not all just a bunch of numbers, it's also the symbolisms in between that make up who we are." or Martin Luther King says, "Here is a world where all men, women, and children can live in a place of peace, freedom, and ingenuity, without the the limits of our own minds bonding us into a segregation. Creation breeds diversity among all people of all nations and all cultures, wound together for an eternity.<br />
<br />
I think that a little constructive criticism is necessary, but as is the sincerity of our ancestors and forefathers.<br />
<br />
-From- Mr. Skeptical

we, Americans, march on DC. We could get the word out to like minded people on ep.

you mean march on ep to washington? not really sure what you mean. explain in your story.

Grits...one thought regarding by impending story. What do you think of a march on Washington? on EP alone, we could get tens of thousands to at least think about it?