The Federal Reserve is a private group of international bankers including Rockefeller. They aren't a government agency as the name implies, they chose that name to confuse the public and appear as such.

I think we need to get accountability for 2 Trillion dollars of tax payers money that they don't want to account for. These thieves have manipulated world governments since it's inception. They also funded both sides of all major wars and conflicts.They give us inflation.recession and depression at will to keep the economies of the world off balance, while they continue to loan all major governments money for a fee that will continue to keep those governments under their control.

It's been suggested that they were behind the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations because each had the desire to regain control of our monetary system for the people our country. The Federal reserve wasn't around at the time of Lincloln but another agency very similar was. Alexander Hamilton was one of the principal creators of American centralized banking that was controled by the Rothchilds.

It will probably take the masses to rise up against this monster. The second agency that needs scrutiny or end participation in is the United Nations.The Federal Reserve and the United Nations do not work for the good of our Country.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
Mar 6, 2009