Something That Isn't Easy.

Everyone seems to run when the word " change " comes up.
But anymore, that is all I have been doing, especially the last four years of my life. I have done a lot of changing, and made a lot of changes. 

But today, well these past few weeks, life has brought me.. well at another struggle point in my life and I am not sure what to do and what to think right now. 
But today, I have a couple of paths to choose, and am not sure where I want to go. I am currently having a change of heart... 

But this change will also be good, as good as the ones I have been making. This change will better myself, and my future in a certain sense. When I think about it, no matter what I choose, it won't be easy. Not that I expect anything different than not easy =) 

Sometimes I think I just need to take a look at things, and take the time to think about how I would like things to look and make some choices, some decisions. 

Decisions.. Yet another big word =P 

Changes.. Decisions... Life... Three words, yet everything is effected so much by those three words... 

I do know this, I am a lot stronger than I use to be, and I can do this.. I can make a choice and fight for it. Cause I always fight for what I want =) 
purplebutterfly14 purplebutterfly14
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013