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Most people here have read the stories of how lived on the streets for two years.....I worked...My husband worked....But wit was just the two of us....And we both worked hard.....We could not make enough to pay the outrageous rent they they charge here din California...


When I lost my job....We applied for Government housing....and were put on a list...They said that we were4 on the list...But we made 50 $$ too much for housing....that really sucks.....But in the mean time...I know someone...That makes more that me....Her husband works.....and her some that is disabled works....But they go under the sons lease....(He needs a caregiver...) so she is in a 4 BD apartment....and pays $300. a month.......gets paid for caring for her son.....3 grandkids.....and works a full time $15.00 and hour....


I say what gives....I served......But I get the shaft.......while she did not....and gets it all

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I grew up in LA. Hate the dumb laws out there. It is one of the most wonderful and diverse states, and yet the laws are so jacked up and trying to please every crazy group out there. AZ is a people oriented state. We don't destroy our environment but work with it. There are no homes on all our hills. But everything works for a reason.<br />
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Gun problems are pretty low. Everyone has one, and many have them on their persons with permit. The largest holder of concealed weapons are women over the age of 35.<br />
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As many people from other states have discovered that trying to do road rage with a gun is a poor idea since so many keep guns with them. Usually if the guy does not get shot by someone, they will be detained until the cops arrive. When was the last time you heard of a serious shooting here in LA, OTHER than the current Mexican Mafia thing going on lately? That virtual wall is awesome! *Shakes head* It's virtually there.<br />
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Side note, Seniors do real well here. There are many things geared for them. Your husband might really enjoy our many public gulf courses and all the other things out here on the West Side. Lots of Vets, and Flight Museums both here in Mesa and Tucson. You can buy 3 homes here for one California House. – Also Check your PM Box if you have not done so.

I understand.....Have thought of going to AZ....My husband loves the gun laws there.....Please do not think that I want to shoot everything up....It is just when my husband tried to get a CCW here....Even being prior police...He was denied.....Said that he had no need...Here get a law abiding cit. has no rights to a CCW....It is only the friends of the Sheriff that gets one......And the worse part is......They take the confiscated guns...and sell them....Or give them to their friends..>Well the ones that have not been used in a violent crime that is.....

That's a pity that it took being a cop to get their attention. No one is safe now a days. Many if not most are one paycheck from disaster. I have a few, but still, I don't know anyone who is not scared at this time. My only hope is that people will learn from it.<br />
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I am in Arizona. Our laws are different as of the past few years. We make sure your legal to be in this country. So everything gets checked. You don't attend our schools without ID no matter what you look like.<br />
PO boxes don't go unless it is on your Drivers License - AND that does not happen.<br />
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I screwed up somehow in the total meaning of your post. Don’t even know where I came up with the original meaning that was in my head, but it would have other wise, made me look pretty callous and I did not want that to stand as it was. <br />
Nor am I unsympathetic to you or what your husband has gone through. Trust me on that one.

This story was about me personally......But It is not just me....I have met so many people letely that atre like me....Homeless....But mo one knows it.....People are able to hide it better....I use a mail box as a address....But unless you have one at the post office....No one can tell it is a mail box....Only Post office use the term...P.O. Box....mine is just a street address....and the box number makes it look like a apartment....So I am able to pass....Lots of people do it now days...<br />
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Please do not think that your post made you look stupid.....But it did make it look like you were just talking like most others that I have known...<br />
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My husband was stabbed on night when we were out on the streets...And the cops....all they saw was a homeless man...That did not merrit any more attention than a speck of dust....He lived...thank god......And boy did they get on it when they found out he was once one of them....He was a cop once....and that got their attention.....

Maybe I need to explain myself a bit better. NO I did not mean that 80% of the homeless people wish to be homeless. A portion of that does. But now with the economic crisis I think that the number of people in need of homes is much greater now, right? <BR><BR>I am talking the ones that were there before. Many of them are statistically have mental issues. Maybe it is different State by State, but where I am at, they want a physical address. I know I was an employer. <BR><BR>No matter – Around our VA Hospital there are a lot of homeless people. Many of course are vets. They keep close to the hospital, but with exception to aid, they don’t accept much else. Our Church has tried to help. No matter the point I tried to make - and failed - is we need to take better care of our vets once they come back, to help them deal with the things they went through so they don’t whined up on the streets like all the others we see out here.<BR><BR>I sure am not trying to say “Get a Job Bum” and I am no expert. It is just something I have read, seen on TV and heard through my own Church who dedicated it’s existence to the poor.<br />
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EDIT: and you know what . . . somehow I missed the total under part of the message after the first gap. My post now really makes no sense. I am sorry. It makes me look dumb. I thought this was about Vets in general not you personally.

Randy my dear....did I really read you right.....Did you say that 80% of the homeless want to be that way......How about that to them they see so many strings and that is what they do not want.......Or that they are show so little respect that they are pushed into the ground.....<br />
Here in California....There are lots of what have been started to be called..."the Hidden Homeless".....and that is what I was......Only a few knew that my husband and me were homeless.....Like I said....We worked....kept clean...paid our bills....and made the best of it....the best way that we could......There are still lots of people out there......As for an address....all you need is a mail box....and you can rent one of those in a 24 hour mail place......a phone you say....Cell phones are a great thing......So yes my dear.....You can be homeless...and make the best out of it...

Many of the homeless have mental issues. Something close to 80%. It is a statistic you can easily research. That being the case, who will hire them? Next is Applications insist on a home address. Well you don't have one. Then how will you get clothes to wear to work and keep them clean. It is theorized with the food banks I worked with, that a newly homeless person has 5 months before the poor diet they are on, starts to effect their mental ability in some way. Others were mental to begin with.<br />
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The issue here is not so much about vets but homelessness. Many homeless people honestly prefer to be that way. My former church’s mission was to care for the Homeless. Many wanted the aid, but not necessarily a job or a place to sleep day in and day out, unless the weather got too uncomfortable for them. So then what?<br />
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I come from a family of Vets. I am very sensitive to their needs too, so don't think I am turning my back on them. Not at all. We still need to do more for their mental well being after being in the sorts of enviroments they have endured.

i agree that is so wrong. many of our soldiers an vets are done so wrong in this country people are dont understand what u have done for them. Its just as said that football pla<x>yers make more oney in a yaer than soldiers will see in 5 yrs or more. i wished people could understand that this freedom they have came with a price......