"I Think Italian Men Are Very Attractive"

I have always thought that Italian Men were very attractive. I have dated a few in my time and they are also very romantic and they know how to treat a lady. There is just something special about Italians in general they are really great people and lots of fun! I have a couple of female friends who are Italian and they are so funny!
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6 Responses May 31, 2007

yes they are hotties.... :)

i am :-) 30yo boy from the nice city Ancona, Marche

not all italian Men are the same.. we are both romantic and "male"..

I found a great one too.

when my gramma remarried, she married an italian ... from ITALY! what a couple they are - an old indian woman and an old italian man ... LOL ... he IS and has always been VERY good to her and to the rest of her family. i love my italian grampa!

i couldn't help but respond my friend. i've had a couple of italian boyfriends. the one dumped me because i wouldn't "put out", the other one dumped me because he was "old school" italian and thought i should wait on him hand and foot. the other italian i was married to, he stole all my money and emotionally abused me... hmmmm i also find italian men very attractive even to this day, but i'm done dating any of them. glad you've found the good ones!