My 2nd Girlfriend

When I was in High School I went with Jenny She lived with her mother and 2 other sisters.
She had moved from another state because her mother took a new job at our small town hospital. Well it was about a month when it was (Report Card) time. Normally they would let us kids bring them home after school but this year they were mailed. I was over for dinner when Jenny mom opened all the day's mail. Wow you could tell she was very upset with all her daughters. She told me stay seated when I wanted to leave. She sent her other 2 daughters to there room. Then she started in Jenny I see 3-A's 3-C's and here we go again 2-Ds and even 2-F's You know what this means. Jenny pleaded with her to let me go home and she said no.
It is my reponsibility to watch her give you Your punishment so that I would know how to do it the next time. Beleive me I was scared to even move. Jenny's mom went into the other room to get the paddle. Jenny removed her dress and panties (1st time I saw her half naked) Jenny bent over the end of the kitchen table. Reaching out to hold my hand. Then Jenny's mom returned with a long wooden paddle almost the same my mother had. But with holes in it.
Jenny's mom told Jenny you are grounded for a week and no TV either. I watched Jenny's face turn from white to red to tears running down her face in no time. Yes it turned me on a little. But I was way to scare to act on it. After she was done Jenny had to stand in the corner until she stopped crying. Then Jenny's mother said I can go. I ran home never thinking Jenny would want to see me again. But after a week Jenny told me that she would enjoy a spanking from me if I would enjoy doing it. I was shocked by her request but it was just a day later I spanked Jenny naked in my garage and I petted her after I was done yes I made her cry but just used my hand. I dated Jenny until she left for college 4 years later. She never got anymore Fs on her report card but did get a few D's
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I like the story and it is intense ;-)

was one of those D's yours? ....wink..and where did she get it if you don't mind me, you don't have to answer, let me guess...