As a Younger Guy of 27

I would love it if more of you mature women would step up to the plate. You have no idea of how damn frustrating it is - to be dismissed with the line 'you're old enough to be my son'. Hey, just because I'm young don't mean I don't know how to treat a lady, doesn't mean I can't be a gentle and take a woman to heaven on the tip of my tongue and back. You need to start a New Jersey chapter  .   .   . for real  .   .   . lol

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Whoa! Be still my heart...

i love ALL men but there is just something about a younger man...besides the hot younger body! <br />
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i tingle all over when i know a young stud wants me! what a wonderful feeling mentally and emotionally!<br />
<br />
oh yea, the sex is great too!

honey i cant speak for the rest of my sistas ..but as 4 me ..i cant get enough of you yunga guys! in fact being 49 my yungest son is 26 so all the guys i date are yunger than my sons.