When I Was 19...

... I started having an affair with my first girlfriend's mother!

The relationship with the daughter didn't last long and we didn't get beyond groping and ************ each-other. But I stayed friends with her and her family, in particular her mum. When I was out of work I took to visiting her during the day when all her family were out at work. We talked about all sorts of things, including sex. She had a fairly loveless marriage; she called her husband her 'roll-on, roll-off man' - like the ferries.

She talked about leaving him. I remember one morning, we were sitting on her settee half facing each-other. I recall she had a red dress on, nicely short, showing off her lovely long legs. She bemoaned the thought that if she left her husband she wouldn't get another man at her age (all of mid-forties!). I assured her that she was still a very attractive woman and wouldn't have any trouble attracting men. She was delighted with the compliment. Then there was one of those moments of awkward silence - I couldn't help looking at her legs. She giggled. I put my hand on her thigh. She said "No" quietly and lifted my hand away, but parted her thighs to let me get a good look up her dress to her white panties, and giggled again.

After that there was lots of flashing and the conversations became more and more intimate. I was frequently going to her bathroom to **********. Then one day in her kitchen, as she reached up for something in a cupboard above where I was standing leaning back against her work-top, her ***** rubbed firmly across the back of my knuckles - she was wearing pale blue slacks at the time. "Ooh" she said, "that was nice!" and giggled her sexiest throaty giggle. I said something clumsy about touching her and she said she supposed it would be alright as long as all I did was touch. So I moved beside her and pressed my fingers between her legs. She stopped what she was doing and just enjoyed the attention. After a few minutes she took my hand and guided it into the front of her slacks, down inside her knickers to her very wet *****. She showed me how to rub her clitoris and came quickly to ****** where she stood! She then told me to 'do' myself and I had my first experience of ************ in front of a woman - she watched intently and helped me clean up with tissues after I'd ***.

She made it clear that was to be a one-off, and so it remained for several weeks, though the flashing and touching was getting out of hand! Then one wonderful day, when we were stood particularly close, she said "Oh, he's a lovely boy!" and started kissing me passionately. That kind of released all the pent-up passion; we were almost literally tearing each-other's clothes off. With her blouse undone and her **** out of her bra, me sucking one nipple, my right hand up her skirt and slipping into her wet ***** and her gripping my ****, she had one last moment of guilt. She stopped and said "We really shouldn't be doing this". In desperation I begged her not to stop and told her how I'd been dreaming of this for months. She made a decision in her mind, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her daughter's old bedroom.

"Come on, get undressed" she said and I ******** naked in record time, never taking my eyes off her as she also ********. We stood just looking at each-other's naked bodies for a moment - she was very tall, and slender but with lovely breasts. She had sparse, light pubic hair and her ***** lips showed clearly between her legs. She sat on the bed and beckoned me closer. She took hold of my throbbing **** and bent closer to slide her lips around it - the first time any woman had done that and how I didn't shoot my load down her throat then and there I'll never know! She sucked me for a few moments but then moved to lay back. On her back she spread her legs wide, giving me a wonderful view of her very wet *****. She held out her arms and said "Come on, lover, **** me!" I'd never heard her use language like that and that turned me on even more. I knelt between her legs and began to lower myself onto her. She took hold of my **** to guide me into her body - something else no girl had ever done for me. Just as I felt her outer lips touch my **** she said "You'll have to pull out, I'm not on the pill. Can you do that?" I nodded firmly - well I wasn't going to say 'No' now, was I?

I slid my **** into the most fabulously silky-soft wetness and gasped, holding myself deep inside her. The few teenaged girls I'd ****** before then had all been so tight it was painful. This was heaven on earth! I withdrew slowly, savouring the fantastic sensations, but then I started to **** her hard, to the sound of her filthy language spurring me on as she muttered things like "**** me, yes go on, **** me hard! Shove that lovely **** in me!" I might have lasted longer if she'd kept quiet, but I wasn't complaining. Very soon I had to pull out and when I did she started "Oh, yes, go on, ***, *** all over me!" Well that was it! My ***** shot out, the first spurt hitting her in the face and the rest spraying liberally over her **** and belly. She laughed aloud and shouted "OHH, YES!!!" as I came.

We stayed in bed and ****** again, and as we finally and reluctantly dressed again she told me it felt like a huge relief. She'd been ************ like crazy every time I left after a visit for months - and I'd been visiting two or three times a week for months! This admission in itself turned me on incredibly. We kissed passionately before I left. So we started making up for lost time. We ****** two or three days a week for nearly two years. We ****** in bed, we ****** all over her house, we ****** on the downs behind her house. With my collusion she seduced her insurance man - I really got off on knowing she'd had sex with her husband only an hour or two before she had sex with me and it turned me on even more that she would have sex with yet another man. We engineered it so that one day she ****** her husband before he went to work, the insurance man later the same morning, and I had wonderfully sloppy thirds in the afternoon!

She taught me many things about pleasuring women and myself. She taught me it was OK to be bisexual and that it was OK to want to share my lovers with other men. Even when I moved on we remained close friends and would **** at a moment's notice. Hell, I even ****** her three days before I got married! Well, she said, she couldn't give me any other wedding present. Nor any better!

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Before I was married and in school I had a few adventures with girls, mmmhh, I still remember. But I have not been used since.

worship her .. shes ur goddess