Teaching Young Guys

I am 32, but last year I met a 17yr. old d  at my workplace. He was 100% virgin...never had a girlfriend&never kissed a girl. He was a shy, quiet guy but I got to know him and realized he was a very intelligent and SUPER funny guy. We would take our breaks together and since we both worked at night, he would walk me to my car. One night, I told him I wanted him to hear a song, so he got in my car. I really had no intention of anyhting else. I thought he was a kid and I was too old for him anyway. However, he looked so nervous to be in my car. I asked what he thought of the song (it was my band singing Zombie by Cranberries) and when I asked  I put my hand on his thigh. He took a deep breath and swallowed hard. I carressed his cheek and he just closed his eyes. I ran my fingers through his hair and he looked at me with those horny eyes. I asked him if he'd like to take a drive with me and he said ok. I took him to my house and we went straight to my bedroom. I went to the bathroom and slipped into a sexy, black lacey thing. I came out and smiled at him. He looked both nervous and excited. I told him it was ok...I said "Let me do all the work." I kissed him softly at first for I could tell he had nevr kissed anyone. I played with his lips and slowly licked his lips and sucked on them gently. I kissed his neck and undressed him. His deep breaths and soft moans turned me on. I kissed his chest and his stomach and then his inner thighs. I licked his balls and sucked on them. I got his rock hard, fat **** wet with my tongue and sucked on it. I would feel his **** pulsing and stop. I didn't want him to *** just yet. I then moved up and slowly sat on his big ****. I lit it slide in slowly and arched my back and let out a moan. I moved his hands to grab on my full, round **** and squeeze my hard nipples.  As I rocked back and forth I sped up the tempo. He had his hands on my hips and I was moving quickly and my **** were bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down....I'm getting into it...when bam...he's done. Oh well, he lasted longer than I thought. ;-)

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sexy!! did you ever bring him back for further training? talked with wife about same subject. I think that it would be great for her to get one of our sons buddies into bed and train him. I think that all older women should take it as one of their jobs in life, to train at least one younger man. think about it like your doing some woman years down the road a favor :-)

Kirnicel08,<br />
I think you are a great tescher.I will be glad to join your classes and learn all the expertise from you.

A sexy, sensual story ;-)<br />
<br />

You didn't let him leave with just one time, I'm sure. You no doubt ****** him until his nuts were drained and he could get another hard-on.

Lucky him. Nice story. Any more "training" sessions for him. You could really turn him into your pleasure toy I am sure.