At The Moment

...that people asked super dumb questions and right beneath that Q & A box it says "Get intelligent answers to your questions from people who know." if there is not one bit of intelligence in the question how can the answer itself be intelligent? there are racist questions, sexist question. i thought when i first came to EP, it's going to be different than any other social sites. people with more depth and more understanding, i thought that is what EP's all about, well i thought wrong. everyone talks about changing the world, they can do that if they start with themselves. i don't know, it's all just bullshit, i don't wanna look at that column but it is as if i can hide it, trust me if i can i would have done it since last week. i did that for FB with certain people cause i just can't tolerate their.... "news updates" every second. and those who asked questions that make you think, those are the best... lately, none of that. it's all just lots of bull.
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
Jul 23, 2010