''Well When I Was Your Age''....Jokes On You Kids, Cuz One Day Decades From Now, You Will Be On The Other Side,

Yes, you've said it, way back in the day, but now your hearing it today...LOL  ''How the older generation has fvcked up the world and it's us, the younger generation that is set on fixing what the older generation messed up so badly....Waaaaah 

That's not saying that all older people are wise and didn't mess things up, or that all younger people are stupid and can never improve things.

But ...one can't beat life experience that comes from living longer.  But I don't waste much time trying to convince these 20 somethings how it is....remember, they know it all,... ''Oh well your generation did this wrong or did that wrong, oh and you's also messed this up...and we can do it better, why?.. cuz we have new ideas etc and so on''   So, I say ''Well when I was your age, I used to think and say the same thing or yes, it works like this and so on''  As soon as I am done saying that,..LOL..  They all the sudden get smarter, and instant wisdom and life experience kicks in, they' ll say something like this ...'' But you all caused this to happen we are young, we never going to make that mistake etc and so on"  

So with time I've learned never to repeat myself more than maybe once...and I let time take care of the rest, Why?  Cuz I used to be that 20 something, I used to say and think the exact same things to my elders, or the older generation from me....LOL  haha, Jokes on you kids, cuz one day decades from now, you will be on the other side, ''Mostly thinking due to actually knowing from actually living it, that in time this kid iill agree with what I am saying..just wait...Haha!

SpiceZ SpiceZ
56-60, F
Dec 7, 2012