You Were Brought Up Right, But Guess What

You were brought up right. You do the right thing by others in public and private. You have respect for yourself. This helps guide your respect for others, because you wouldn’t want to do something to someone that you wouldn’t like either. The only problem is that you kinda expect others to feel the same way too – surprise!

You are bumped by someone in public (deliberately?), someone takes your intended parking spot (even when you had you blinker on), oh yeah – someone jumps in line ahead of you, or even someone throws you the finger for the littlest reason. Let’s not get into Customer Service which died a sorry death long ago. Even Corporations, which by US law are considered Persons, do the same with their Voice Menus.

Yes it can be annoying. What can you do? It’s been my experience that when I confront these annoying people (they come in all types, some are even relatives) I get attacked. So I’ve stopped doing That. Makes you wonder why people don’t have good manners in the first place. I figure the source of the problem probably lies in proper upbringing, specifically a lack thereof. I can’t control that so to worry about it more than a few moments I consider a waste of time. But yes, I see how people have gotten worse with their public manners and many others have said the same to me as well; however I’m not going to worry about it forever. This only rewards and reinforces their inappropriate behavior and gives them more power to continue annoying others when in fact, They’re the one’s that have to walk around carrying that heavy, unsocial baggage. I like to Go Light and make friends. Go figure…
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

RJN, I see your point.I got no time for seating the small stuff. However your idea on a $1M bond makes me wonder. How about opting to go short in the bad manners market seein' how it never really recovers over time. That bond in butt-kicking sure sounds like a tempting gamble, haha! SFs, glad you agree. Worked in customer service and found the absolute worst myself. Curious, why are some of the most annoying are in the service industry themselves? Hmmmm, wouldn't you know it.

Good, thoughtful post--thank you! I generally do okay with bad manners directed at me in public because I was in customer service for years and years and can smile through just about anything (except a root canal). But I do wonder what's down the road for people who are just learning how the world works: I have three grandkids, ages 12, 8, and 6, who are being raised very well by my son and his wife. But at least once a week, one (or more) of them comes home from school asking about behaviors they've witnessed during the day. Anything from addressing the teacher by her first name to food fights and tormenting the class goldfish. Sigh.

Interesting point. How does one stop another from having bad manners. Actually, Bad Manners, is Legal.<br />
<br />
There are times when doing something Legal, is socially wrong. But, who can afford to have their own personal Lawyer with them 24/7.? <br />
<br />
There are times, if you can afford it, to carry in your wallet, a One Million Dollar Bond, just in case you need to make a decision, like kicking someone's butt.