Broken Heart

Staples, duct tape, and glue are items that are supposed to hold together everything, right? I've been in about ten relationships... Two of them being serious. I try to keep myself from dating someone unless we're close friends. But in the end, I think it hurts more. When I give my heart to someone, I'm giving them all of me. The last guy I dated was six months ago. First love. Six months... And it feels like I JUST got my heart back together. But I'm running out of duct tape (my will) to keep putting the pieces of my heart in their rightful place. Love is a jigsaw, and I've realized that I need to learn to love myself and find happiness before I can date someone. For now, I think it's best for me to stay single. At least until I have more strength. My heart finally came back to me, it'd be a shame to lose it already.
kulashka kulashka
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 29, 2011

so sorry, i have lost two best friends (not by death) so i am here to talk, i feel incomplete with out them but with support i am slowly putting myself together, i will always be here for u. maybe not day in and day out but u get what i mean.