I Do Not Think It's Cool When I Show Emotion

When I first saw this group  I had to respond with a comment: that I as a man did not like the emotional tears I got.

Well, it happened again last night. I was alone watching the movie "Con Air", a movie I have seen the ending of before. "Con Air" is a violent action-packed movie about Nick Cage's characters trip home from prison. After enduring numerous travails he does finally get to be back with his wife and child he had never seen. I triply knew this was going to happen: I had seen it before and how could the writers not and all the characters were in the right place. Yet even so I [dirty word] cried. Thank God the tears were [dirty word] small and I did not need to wipe them from my chin.

If I can't keep them back when I am all alone and know the situation is coming - what can I do.

I don't see the people who say it's cool wrapping their arms around me and kissing my tears away. My former wife would know when it was likely to happen and would ask with a laugh in her voice, "Are you crying yet?" If The Woman Who Is In Charge Of My Life (but not my sex life) were to catch me doing it she would be on me unmercifully: "That's not normal. No one does that. The gay guys on my chat line say that means you're gay" and other [vulgar word] stuff.

Thanks for letting me vent the opposite of this group's title but I have "a thing" about the proliferation of similar EP groups.

MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
Feb 23, 2010