It Doesnt Have the Same Feel As It Once Did

I hardly see the people i used to on here. I have been on here for about four months now. It had generally been the same up until .. i dont even know .. a couple of weeks ago maybe? It almost feels like a different site now or maybe theres just different people. I know it sounds dumb but it gives me the heebee jeebies , kind of the same feeling when i was in college and huffed butane... ya just like that without the waa waaa waaa waa in the backround. Anyway , i think its almost time to move on. Does anyone feel me here or what?

deftone deftone
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15 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Yeah I have been here way to long and it more drama and BS and way to much of that....

Thats a pretty good way to look at it. And at 18 months i would say you would know. It feels like EP is in a slump as a whole i dunno though.

haha wooa. Its not anything i can help. If i fall asleep befor bed time it means i am freaking exhausted so its almost instinct to wake up verbally swingin if you will.

Definatly, a siesta maybe. Im pretty irritable if i dont get enough sleep on my naps though. Haha i fell asleep last night and was probably asleep for like five min and my wife came in and did her usual... are you sleeping? wich woke me up and when that happens im a freakin **** . I woke up and was like ya, ya i WAS asleep .. is someone dying ? what was so important you had to wake me up?? Your the reason my life sucks . Ha dont get me wrong i appologized and didnt really mean it , im just sayin im a **** when im reeally tired and you wake me up especially when i first fall asleep.

I hear ya there, i too am at work. I too am a lover not a fighter. I can take a hint better than i can take a hit.

New beginging to all. Lets burn one and forget today ever happend.

Your right on the money there lady. To much of a good thing can be bad however. I think im just burned out to tell you the truth. However there are some good things i cant seem to ever get burned out. I will leave that one for the confessions though :)

Haha carrots.... I might i dunno.Maybe its becouse i quite smoking weed so now i see the world differently. I guess i could just go out in style kinda like we talked about but im really waiting for the perfect time for that. I got the verbal bullets in the clip, home skillet

***** just different anymore. Maybe its just me, i am going to get some medication today, perhaps thats will straighten me out some . Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

You know, its not like it was insanely awesome or anything but I used to have plenty to do on here, lots of people to talk to and always kept busy. Now i find myself staring into the confessions hoping there will be something good to talk about becouse i have no one to talk to , im not like boohooing or anything , just seems like everyone i used to talk to isnt around anymore.

:) 4 years?? what the **** are you talkin bout fool. Ya i would say I prefer how it was, I didnt like huffing butane and I dont like it now.

hmm... i agree. Just deal with it huh. Not really my cup of tea anymore to be honest. Whatever works though.

Glad you agree, go to see you danetty by the way

i feel you on this one.

It definatly is but it kinda ran about the same for the last few months and has in my opinion did a 180 here lately.