EP Evolution

EP is constantly evolving, becoming a new animal,  and this is fueled by the community involvement, causing Ep to evolve constantly into a new life form.  Is this the EP of yesterday?  No, is it the EP of tomorrow? No, but change is constant and change is good.  Do I sometimes have melancholy thoughts of what used to be and what could be in comparison to what it is in reality? Yes, but I accept them as thoughts and then I move on to enjoy what EP is today in reality.

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exactly I never tell.

I use to make mini cream puffs ( without the cream in them ) and stuff them with spam salad. Everyone loved them unless they found out it was spam they are delicious<br />
The talk of the PTA

It is pretty good actually. I can make a spam salad spread that you can't tell it from ham salad. It has crush pineapple in it too. You spread it on crackers.

LOL and tomorrow we are going to add an in ground pool too.

Ar, I would never make you do something you don't want sweetie.<br />
<br />
BB, ok I will make you some pineapple SPAM.

so then i wouldnt have to eat it.

oh not at all. I adore you sooooooo. I think you may be the most adorable young man I know.

This is serious business. This isn't watching some sappy girly movie or pop music... this is food. The fact that you would want me to choke on this stuff must mean you hate me!

lol oh well you will eat it for me won't you?

i so will never eat it... I am way stubborn...

LOL well you will get used to eating those. lol<br />
<br />
YW Mia

hamburger helper and spam?!... nasty...

Thanks Mia. I tried to just make my comment on the other story but EP wouldn't let me. I like the new avatar btw.

ty aqua

Well put fungirl! EP is much like any community or relationship.

Ok you bring the SPAM lol.

I will be waiting with Hamburger Helper in hand.

I am glad you are here as well dear. EP constantly evolves and it goes through seasons. If you don't like the weather here just wait until tomorrow or next week and it is bound to change.