There is people i know that are attention seekers. But i want to talk about the ones in EP. I have alot of annoying people saying "im gonna kill myself", "i hate my life", "im gonna delete my account." I mean, its okay to say this stuff but when you say it, dont fake it. Mean it. I know a couple of ppl that every 2 days they say i hate my life or i wanna kill myself. And they do this **** every 2 days. Like please shut up! And if your reading this you know who you are. If you really want attention then talk with someone like a normal person and stop whinining. And it isnt funny when people say they're gonna cut themselves or some ****. People take that serious!! I understand thats your life but dont say that everyday because you know your friends are already sick of your **** too. Please guys, chill out with the atttention statuses.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I have completely agree with this!