First Real Wallow

I FINALLY got to have my first real mud wallow today. Sadly, I still live with my parents so doing so can be quite difficult. However, today was my special day.

I prepared a portion of my miniscule backyard by soaking it, and then waiting for the water to sink in. While it did this I put on my swimming shorts and grabbed a towel. Finally, the moment I'd waited so long for.

I started by walking around, getting an idea of how deep it was. Then, I couldn't hold out any longer and dropped to my knees and laid down. The feel of the mud squelching all around my torso was heavenly, so I HAD to face-plant. Then again, and again. I must have dunked 6 or 7 times!

Then I did a few rolls and another thing as well ;-).

All in all an amazing first experience. Only wish I could share it with someone...
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

Sounds fun : )

hehe sounds like you had fun :) x

thanks. have you read my stories. they ae extremely detailed and vivid

i am the same my parents are always on my case but im going to do it on the 20th because my parents are at work.

Try wearing a shirt and pants, see if you like it that way. Getting clothes all mudded makes it more intense for me. I hope we get to see the vid or pics if you take them