A Photoshoot In The Mud!

My boyfriend wanted to photograph me in mud this week. He's got an idea for a website and asked me if I'd give it a go. I don't see any harm in it, and frankly, love getting in mud! He showed me some websites with people in mud in their clothes, and I thought it would be nice to give it a go! He gave me some clothes to wear. There was a turquoise coloured vest top, a black shirt to wear over it, some black skinny jeans and some nice retro white trainers. There were also some new socks to put on, cute red and white stripey ones. I liked the outfit and looked forward to getting it dirty! I packed a change of clothes for afterwards and we drove to a place a little way away for the shoot. It was an estuary, with huge areas of mud and lots of holes and hills and features, so we could easily do our thing without being too obvious. We found a nice sunken area and my boyfriend set his camera up. He told me to just do what I liked and enjoy myself! I stepped into the mud, feeling very excited. Initially, it wasn't too deep, about three or four inches, and it was soft and creamy! It stuck to the white trainers and quickly ruined them! I then jumped further down into the sunken area, and quickly went in up to my knees. I knelt down in the thick mud and posed for the camera. I was really enjoying myself! I then sat in the mud, before laying down and rolling over and over in it. It felt so nice to be covered in it! I stood up and sank in up to my thighs. I found it difficult to get out it was so sticky! I took a few steps but my trainers got stuck and I briefly saw my beautiful red and white stripey socks before they too became totally brown in the glorious mud. I think I like socks-only mudding the best! The feel of the cool wet mud soaking through your thin socks is exquisite! I continued to wallow and play for the next twenty minutes and had a lovely time. I couldn't find the trainers, they were lost forever! I was so caked in mud that it was actually really hard to get changed, and my clean clothes got filthy from my muddy body! This was a lovely session though, and my boyfriend has some fabulous pictures!
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WONDERFUL!! Thanks for sharing your muddy experiences. Where can I see the pictures??
Naked & Muddy Sissy Stephie

Wow! How do you feel about so many people seeing pics of you like that?

They were never actually published anywhere in the end. I guess it would have been quite humiliating but in a way that makes it exciting! Being covered in mud in public is an extremely thrilling activity in many ways.

I love finding muddy places when I ride my horse and then getting my riding clothes muddy. The gooey mud feels so good between my breeches and saddle when I ride!

Wonderful article Natalie, thank you for sharing. Hope you post those pic's here on E P.

muddy socks are the best :

you should definitly try to get him into the mud with you group mudding is more fun than if you are on your own. especially if the person you are doing it with is in a relationship with you.

I have had him in the mud, It's very special!

Now I really am jealous lol :P

Does he like it too. You should write a story about it

I already have written a story! We only went in up to our knees but I managed to have my boots sucked off, it was great!

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sounds like you had fun, definitely socks in the mud are the best! would love to see some pics too!

I love the feel of wearing socks in mud, it's beautiful!