It's Too Cold!

I haven't had a good play in the mud for ages, it's all frozen! It's so cold. Anybody got any top tips on cold weather mudding? Is there a way? I'm lusting after a good squelch in a nice outfit! I find myself dreaming of mud in my shoes, or sinking up to my knees somewhere. Help!
foxynatalie foxynatalie
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

the mud is lovely and warm here x

We put a cheap wetsuit on under our other gear and go to the esturay. We use the mud, but do not go where there is too much cold water.

I so miss the warm weather too. I was thinking about those hand/boot warmer packs and putting them in my rubber boots to warm my wet and hopefully muddy feet. I'm seriously thinking of a mud bath in my basement...