Hilarious !

Ever stop and listen to the chatter and hullabaloo with a group of pre schoolers? They  are pretending to cook..A lot of clamor,power struggles, hubbub..There are sights and sounds that aren't even real.  It's so funny!  We passed out plates with no  food on them. Imagination set in. The arguments began immediately. They fought over the "food", that wasn't there.  "that's my pizza, that's my ice cream, gimme my taco"!  what funny hallucinations .

wiseowl wiseowl
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

yes and they really spill the beans about their home life! That can be scary or funny.

I taught preschool and kindergarten. They are little self-entertaining units. Their banter and play, for the most part, is serious business to them. I never got tired of listening to them and how they would imitate all the things they were learning at home, especially when they played in the housekeeping center. Quite telling, really! I got some major laughs from the little ones.

It's funny when they bring you an empty plate and Make SURE you eat the food ON it! ROTF.. MMMM..oh yes, this is very good pizza. An invisable gift.