Everyday ....

It's nice to have a great ****** at least once a day...does WONDERS for the mood and attitude.

Let's hear it for the BOB!!! Yahoo :)

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Any thoughts on crying during or after ************?

haha. Funny comments but I do agree that it is physically healthy and good for you. Especially if you do not have a partner to help you...that's the ideal of course.

LMAO - yeah -- nothing like being stood up for your 'own' date :)

my hand made a date with my penis then didnt show I cant take anymore rejection.

I agree. Also - for women with low or NO sex drives - they should really listen up. If you ********** and *** for 30 successful days - you will want to start having more sex. Guys - you may want to hear this to. It may take some prodding to get the mrs to do this - but I am LIVING proof. It happens :)

Daily ************ is good for Senior Citizens too. But doctors never tell you that!

Oh wow - well 6th grade is a little young... but I wouldn't mind it now :)

I would love "Show and Tell".

************ should be a required course in the 6th grade.

I agree. I enjoy it - and even when I am having sex, I enjoy it on the side.

i indulged in self pleasure before i had intercourse, while i was having it and now that i'm not having it. it was always a constant for me.

It just helps relieve the tension


It feels great!

Yep - I like that too ... :)

An you're not blind yet, mewold? LOLOL

...no, that makes you a guy

What about a guy who gets all the sex he wants and still *********** sometimes? Does that make me erm........him strange?

I agree - I only get to do this when I can make the time ... *sigh*

Yep - give me a good nights sleep and a great ****** ... good to go ;)

I agree - on some rough days, more.

Yep - keeps me from getting REALLY bitchy ...