Safety Measure

I've been ************ to ****** since I was about eight years.   I discovered the joys of the showerhead at a young age.  Although the showerhead can still give me a dependably quick and powerful ****** by simply spraying the water on my ****, I've since expanded my techniques and become more creative.   While still in the shower with the water pounding on my ****, I like to shove a finger in my *****, sometimes a few more or another in the ***.  Or I might **** myself with a shampoo bottle, or my brush if it is handy.   My ******* are always stronger when my ***** is stuffed tight.  But it's my **** that needs the real attention.  I love my vibrator.  It's purple and it's got a lot of settings.  I've been using it on low while I write.  I'm rubbing it slowly around my ****.  It gets dry quick so i need to use my fingers to spread the wetness of my ***** unto my ****.  When I'm done typing, I'll turn the vibe to high and use my other hand to pump my ***** until I ***.  Since I got it, I've had about at least 15 ******* a week. I need to *** at least every day.  Since I don't have a lover I take care of myself.  Otherwise I'm sure I'd be humping flagpoles or worse taking home drunk ******** from bars and expecting them to do the job!  And I guess humping a flagpole is really in the ************ category anyway, just in public with a large "toy".  Hmm...

SleepingScared SleepingScared
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2009

God I need a girlfriend like you.


You really don't have to take home anybody drunk from a bar, there are heavy breathing fully capable Torontonians right on this site...

oh hell yeah