Not Ticklish

I remember watching kids in school being tickled and thinking it was strange how they writhed and laughed from a light touch on their bodies.  One day in 7th grade I was trying to hold onto something of mine and a classmate wanted it so he was pulling to obtain it.  He called to another classmate to tickle me.  The classmate wiggled a finger in my armpit and I didn't respond.  The classmate trying to get my item said, "Oh, he's not ticklish!" and gave up trying.  From that day on I've had people try to tickle me all over my body and each time there is not response from me.  People tell me I'm no fun simply because I'm not ticklish.  I love the fact that I can tickle others and get a response from them when they will never get a response  from tickling me!

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8 Responses Apr 9, 2008

I would like to have a crack at you...I bet I can find somewhere you're ticklish! Everyone has their spot... :)

I always allow my 'lees a safe word so that they don't get to the AGONY stage of the ticke torture. I can't relate to the wild reactions because I'm totally unticklish, but, I do have sympathy for those who are hyper ticklish and give breathers when needed.

You non-ticklish people are DANGEROUS!<br />
I've been horribly ticklish since a baby and its so bad<br />
I have wet myself, orgasmed, passed out and even<br />
gone into seizures when I was held down and tickled<br />
too long.<br />
<br />
I would rather be tickled by a ticklish person because<br />
they understand the nerves and reflexes involved.<br />
The sensory overload becomes so severe you lose<br />
all control over your body and become hysterical.<br />
<br />
Non ticklish people become hypnotized by my wild<br />
reactions and get so caught up in the wild reactions<br />
they get from tickling me they don't want to stop,<br />
even when I am in extreme agony from it.<br />
<br />
Just because you guys aren't ticklish does NOT mean<br />
you get to torture us way ticklish people to death!<br />
We have different nerves than you and just because<br />
we are struggling & laughing hysterically doesn't mean<br />
its really fun for us the whole time.<br />
<br />
After 10 or 15 minutes of it WE ARE IN AGONY!

I am not ticklish either.

tickle me

Thats cute, My big brother would tickle my sister till she couldn't breath and almost wet her pants, I don't remember ever really tickling him. He was so much bigger than us. He could pick me up and I could reach the ceiling. <br />
I had chicken pox's and had one on the end of my nose and Mom said don't scratch them cause it would make a scar so I was very careful to leave them alone. But he was tickling me one day and rubbed my nose a cross a ruff blanket and the scab came off and now I have a nice scar on my nose. He's gone now but the scar is still there. I alway loved my brother even though he could make me cry faster than anyone else.

Lol, I'm not ticklish either.

It beats the crap out of me... I'm not ticklish either.