A Ticklish Situation ...

I am extremely ticklish ... but I can switch off.  If someone is determined to tickle me and I give into it, I can get hysterical.  But I also have the ability to turn off my reaction and you can tickle me as much as you like and it will have no effect.  

This has been a source of fascination for a couple of people in my life who have seen it as a challenge.  But if I am determined they won't win the game.  It's a fun game to play too!!!

womaninbliss womaninbliss
51-55, F
7 Responses Mar 5, 2010

there isn't a spot you can't turn off?

I wish I could turn on my ticklishness on and off at will. I can't though, I just laugh and wriggle as soon as I'm tickled.

good for you ptman - yes, the playful sort is the best!

i'm very ticklish WB, and i enjoy the playful tickling. lol

haha cass ... yes, I can be like that too!

thanks michelle and phanuel. The switch off won't last forever, but I can keep it up for quite a while!

Different people are ticklish in different places though. My feet aren't ticklish for example, but it seems most people's are. But there are a couple of areas on my body which are very ticklish.