I Want To Fine Your Soft Spot

some ppl are not Ticklish in the foot or armpit say there not Ticklish then i test him under the leg N he feel it

He said wow I didnt know I was Ticklish

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They know their partner by smell.

I've seen a similar show, where six couples took turns to walk towards their partner, holding a tea set on a tray, while another individual in the group walked behind them tickling their sides as they walked. From memory, I cannot remember any of the individuals reacting when tickled by someone they barely knew. <br />
<br />
When it came to walking across the room, holding the tea set while having their sides tickled by their partner, their reaction to the tickling differred considerably, with the majority dropping the tray as they giggled and squirmed.

ineresting but they cld tell how there partner was

I watched this great show on relationships and they tested them with eyes closed and coulden't tell if they where stranger or lover and 6 out of 6 we where ticklish only by our mates not strangers....flirting with those you like will get the reaction and then we can learn from others mistakes and every one wins